Sunday, 4 April 2010


A New Zealand Steinie - Steinlager
Term applied to New Zealands native lager beer, Steinlager. e.g. "I'm going out for a Steinie!"

Bust a gut

To try extremely hard. To put all your energy into doing something.


Excellent or Super !

rattle your dags

hurry up, get a move on, step on it

rack off

A quite forceful way of saying go away or p**s off

Pack a sad

This is a weird phrase even by slang standards. Means to become moody or bad tempered. Can also be used to refer to something that is broken. e.g. My TV packed a sad.

Pinky Bar

By Cadbury a pinky Bar produced for New ZealandA Cadbury's confectionary bar. Marshmallow and caramel covered in milk chocolate. By some sort of criminal injustice it seems this very sweet treat is produced by Cadbury in New Zealand only.


Abbreviation of afternoon. e.g. This arvo = this afternoon


A small child


A prostite "working" the ships docked at New Zealand's ports.


A word used in place of family or relatives.


A relatively minor vehicle accident. Is also used as a verb e.g. "Sorry love I've just pranged the car".


The haka is the traditional dance of the New Zealand Maori. It is a group posture dance with vigorous body movements, feet stamping and rhythmically shouted war dance words.

Not all haka are war dances, however, and some are performed by women and children.

The haka we are familar with is normally performed before matches by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. However it is now more commonly used as a welcome to New Zealand for VIPs visiting this wonderful country

Saturday, 3 April 2010


A term applied to the traditional "corner store" or "convenience store" selling milk, bread, papers, convenience foods and dairy produce (the basics). The only type of store permitted to open on Christmas day and Good Friday, for a short time, without a licence.


A slang verb and noun: To have sexual intercourse

e.g. They went to bed to have a bonk. They were bonking for at least 2 minutes.

Could be a bit confusing when you think that "Bonkers" could be somebody who is slightly crazy or, I guess, more than one person having sex. How about, "On the beach we saw a couple who were bonkers!" Were they crazy or commiting an offence?


A New Zealand Bach
Bach pronounced "Batch" is quite simply a New Zealand holiday home, like the one pictured above

shit a brick

An exclamation of shock or surprise. Not surprisingly it is not the agonizing excretion of a block of cement!

Black Caps (Blackcaps)

The national cricket team of New Zealand